Above and Beyond

Body M3canix was founded in 2015 by Oscar Acosta, a former semi-pro triathlete, as he was getting back in shape, he was looking for the best biometric wearable device available, he was not able to find one that would meet his requirements.


Oscar was presented with a clear choice, either wait for someone to invent it or to make it himself, the choice was clear, and after 4 years of development Atalanta was born.


What is Atalanta?


A medical grade Bluetooth sports monitoring chest strap (BLE 5.1)

A personalised system

Real-time true biometrics

Heatstroke and hypothermia warning system

High precision monitoring, 98% (UCC) vs. 60% for wrist worn and 80% for electrode chest straps (Cleveland Clinic, JAMA Cardiology, American College of Physicians)


... So, scroll down and learn why we are the best...

Our Ambassador

Angela Naeth

Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)

Medical Grade Technology

Atalanta uses NIRS to measure heart rate and heart rate variability

NIRS is not effected by skin colour or movement like green light is

NIRS reads continuously despite movement unlike electrode chest straps

Atalanta reads directly from the heart disregarding the BMI of the user

Breathing and Oxygenation

Atalanta is equipped with patented breathing sensing technology

Custom Calibration



Oxygen saturation of the blood

Precise metabolic rate estimation

Precise hydration estimation

"Solo" or With the Coach

Two Training Modes at your disposal


Sport Mode*

No smartphone required

Atalanta programmed through mobile App

Routine stored in internal memory

Automatic data back-up upon synchronization

Up to 30 hours of continuous battery life

Routine start - end haptic alerts


Live Monitoring Mode*

Real-time biometric monitoring on smartphone, tablet or laptop

Biometric data recorded in Atalanta as well as smartphone, tablet or laptop

Up to 5 hours of battery life


*Heatstroke and Hypothermia alerts always active.

Unparalleled Precision

98% Precision (UCC)

Atalanta's patented design and methodology vs.;

Wrist worn activity trackers (60%)

Electrode chest worn straps (80%), 

Atalanta's main features

Heart rate (+variability)

Oxygen saturation of the blood

Core temperature

Respiratory frequency

Breathing depth

Real calories burnt

Main data features

Graphic or Alphanumeric data display

Online data cross-reference

Time-stamped historic data

Month to month limited data access

Montly UDA plan (Subscription)

Yearly UDA plan (Subscription)

Heatstroke & Hypothermia

Performance + Prevention


Atalanta has two patented preventive visual and haptic alerts:


Designed to detect early onset stages through precise biometric readings and formulae


(Technology under development)

Form and Functionality

Designed for the human body

Ergonomic Unisex Design

NIRS specific location accuracy

Ergonomically precise

Hours of comfortable use without sacrificing performance

Inspired by Nature

Not only work hard, work smart...

Do it Gecko Syle

Patented inner pattern and compression designs

Maximum stability with minimum compression and discomfort.

Compliant Design

A living system

Atalanta's Elastic Body Conforms to...

Body temperature

Breathing patterns

Body type and size

Activity and lifestyle


No Limits

Go where your feet take you

100% Waterproof

Go for a swim

Go free dive

Run or cycle in the rain

Spartan Race it... you name it

Haptic Alerts

Get lost in your routine

Push yourself to the limit

Never mind looking at a screen


Let Atalanta subtely remind you

Our Partners

We would like to thank the support of our business partners:


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Défi Montréal



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